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Manual vs Auto: What’s the Difference?


Whether you’re just beginning to take a private driving lesson or have been driving for a long time, there has always been one argument among drivers that stood the test of time. That, of course, is the debate of which one is better, manual transmission or automatic transmission. Today, we at Bombay Driving School will be showing you what’s the difference between these two types of vehicles.

Manual Transmission

As the name implies, the manual transmission (also known as a stick shift) refers to the driver as the one in charge of changing the gears. You may have noticed that older cars have the gear shift in the steering column, but modern cars have the shift lever on the center console.

In order to change gears, the driver needs to learn how to use the clutch properly or else the engine will stall/stop. Learning how to drive a stick shift will take you some time and practice to learn.

Despite its steep learning curve, many adult driving lessons in Texas will require the student to learn how to drive a stick shift first before they get to drive an auto.

Automatic Transmission

Back in the older days, cars that could shift gears on its own was considered to be a luxury and had an expensive option for a long time. Today, the automatic transmission has become the norm due to its convenience.

By having only two pedals as opposed to three, it is nearly impossible to stall the engine. Also, automatic cars tend to be smoother and more comfortable to drive than manual cars, especially during heavy traffic.

Many new drivers tend to opt to drive an auto instead of a manual because it’s easy to learn.

If you are looking for a driving school in Irving, Texas to teach you how to drive both types of cars, we will be here to teach you. Talk to us today!

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