Be Informed: Things to Do When You Encounter a Car Accident

Be Informed: Things to Do When You Encounter a Car Accident

Nobody wants to be in a car accident. But remember, road accidents can happen anywhere and any time of the day, even at times when you least expect it to occur.

At Bombay Driving School, a driving school in Irving, Texas, new drivers are taught and trained in the real-life situations on the road, especially during and after a car collision.

As part of our private driving lessons, we will give you an overview of the things you need to do when you encounter a car accident:

  • Assess the situation and check yourself or your passengers for injuries.

    Always think about your safety first. No matter how damaged your car is, if you or your passenger is injured, get help and rush him/her to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment.

  • Never drive away from the scene of an accident.

    Even if the crash is minor, don’t drive away your car from the area where the accident happens. This will help authorities get an information about the crash.

  • Call and report to the police.

    No matter how minor the accident is, never settle the problem without the police. Authorities will help and guide you on your next move.

  • Exchange information.

    If the accident is still unsolved, don’t forget to exchange contact information with the other party. This will help you settle the problem smoothly.

  • Keep a file.

    Whether you need to take a picture of your car, the place, or the person involved in the accident, always keep a file.

Are you a new driver? If so, we encourage you to take up adult driving lessons in Texas so you’ll be equipped with the right information about how to prevent road accidents.

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