What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire


Imagine this scenario: You’re practicing the driving skills that you’ve just learned from going to adult driving lessons in Texas when you begin to hear a flapping sound. You stop to see what’s wrong and boom! You’ve got a flat tire. Whether you’re a new driver or an experienced one, this situation can be really frustrating.

To help you out in this scenario, We at Bombay Driving School (a driving school in Irving,Texas) give you with a handy guide on what to do if you get a flat tire.

  • Safety comes first

    If you’re on the highway or off the road, make sure to find a safe spot where you can pull over and inspect your flat. Don’t forget to flash your emergency lights to let other drivers know that you are experiencing car troubles. This not only protects you but others as well.

  • Evaluate your current situation

    Before you start taking out your spare tire, you’ll need to know if your flat can be repaired or replaced. If you’ve been forced to run on your flat for some time, then there’s a good chance that it’s been damaged enough to need replacing.

  • Remove the flat

    Here comes the tricky part. Even if you have the right tools with you, you might find it difficult to pop off the lug nuts of the tire. Just be patient and stick with it until it comes loose. There are various tricks to this that a great private driving lesson can teach you.

  • Replace the flat with a spare

    After removing your flat, this part should come easy. Don’t forget to always bring a spare in case these situations happen. After placing all the lug nuts in and making sure that they all fit snugly, you should be good to go.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, even after you’ve followed our guide, don’t hesitate to call for help or flag down other drivers who can assist you.

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