Identifying the Characteristics of a Bad and Good Driver

Identifying the Characteristics of a Bad and Good Driver

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” –George Carlin

We encounter various people with different personalities every day. Drivers, too, come across various other drivers with different driving styles. That is because your personality impacts your performance on the road. Taking up private driving lessons is not just about teaching you the fundamentals of driving but also molding you to become a good and responsible driver.

Professors at Bombay Driving School are dedicated to providing adult driving lessons in Texas that promote a safe and responsible driving. To give you an overview, we listed below the different characteristics of a bad and good driver. Let’s start differentiating.

Bad Drivers

  • Reactionary

    – Drivers who become bad drivers when confronted with poor driver conduct.

  • Competitive

    – Drivers who enjoy in out-maneuvering other drivers.

  • Aggressive

    – Drivers with aggressive personality usually involve in road rage.

  • Risk Taking

    – Drivers who are thrill seekers and are often fast drivers.

  • Inability to concentrate

    – Drivers who are not focused on the road because of certain distractions.

Good Drivers

  • Patient

    – Drivers who can tolerate different situations on the road; be it a heavy traffic, road construction, parking, and the personality of other drivers.

  • Defensive

    – Drivers who know how to anticipate situations on the road and the take right measures.

  • Knowledgeable

    – Drivers who are knowledgeable are most likely to get to their destination safely.

With these traits mentioned above, what kind of driver are you? Bombay Driving School, a driving school in Irving, Texas, hopes that you would fall under the category of a good driver. Have a safe and responsible driving ahead!

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